Since 1960, we design and produce machinery for canning food. Thanks to our customers trust, today we are the company with the most operative seafood processing lines.

  • Specialized Team

    Aware of global changes, our company has innovative tech equipment along with the best human team. This allows us to evolve and bring our products closer to our clients’ needs.

  • R&D

    Talleres Castelo, aware of the relevance of R&D, has it´s own technical team dedicated to research and development of new technologies and initiatives destined to reduce the environmental impact of our products and increase their energy savings.

We can establish highly competitive products in the global market while respecting the environment.
  • Services

    Our technical team has ample knowledge of the canned food industry, doing studies, analysis and projects related to:

    • – Processing lines
    • – Environmental impact
    • – Energy savings and efficiency